Height 268 feet
Tallest Drop 268 feet
Num. Drops 1
AVG. Width 100 feet
Pitch 90 degrees
Run 25 feet
Primary Form Plunge
Snoqualmie Falls is by far the most famous waterfall in Washington, receiving over 1.5 million visitors every year. There are several very good views all along the gorge rim, the best of which is from a covered platform near the parking area, as well as a steep 1/2 mile trail leading to the base of the falls. A hydro project operates beneath the falls, first opened by Puget Power in the early 1900's. During regular flows, most of the river is diverted into penstocks to generate electricity, but when the river floods, the falls become seriously violent, shaking the earth and sending a blinding spray well above the gorge walls. During high water, the falls take on a Curtain form. 
SNOQUALMIE FALLS is the Official name of this waterfall. Snoqualmie is the English translation and spelling of the Salish "sah-KOH-koh" or "Sdob-dwahibbluh", meaning Moon. The falls were first seen by non-native Washington Hall in 1848 and became a well known tourist destination by 1865. The hydroelectric facility was installed beneath the falls in 1899 and continues operation today, and the Snoqualmie Falls Lodge (now the Salish Lodge) was opened in 1919 after the Sunset Highway was constructed.