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Guestbook for Jessica Scott is Officially a Mechanical Engineer
Auntie Linda and Gary(non-registered)
Jessica...You have made us proud! I love what your mom and dad expressed, "...the real world has found you". Thank God for that. We had a wonderful time at your party, but I now know the true meaning of "One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila....FLOOR! So out of character for me! Glad you have this week off before you venture into the next chapter of your life. Glad I can be here to experience it with you. I love you soo.... much! Talk to you soon :)
Herman Scott(non-registered)
I am very proud to claim you as my granddaughter. I love you, Jessica, and wish you well in all you attempt to do. Just continue to be yourself, you are a very special young lady - you are awesome. With love, Grandpa
Mom & Dad(non-registered)
We are so proud of you sweetie, you are truly awesome!!! You are indeed our favorite "maniacal" engineer. Maybe your Uncle Bob can add a signature line to one of the photos that illustrates the nickname best. Great party, too, who knew family could be that much fun! Enjoy your week of summer vacation... the real world has found you. Endless love from m & d
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